My new years resolution is to follow through with my new year’s resolution

Many of you may be experiencing half year reviews right now in your workplace, but so often we forget to check in with ourselves against some of the goals or aspirations we laid out for the year back in January.

Why not be selfish? Take 30 minutes today and reflect how your 2017 has progressed so far. Take stock of what you’ve achieved, identify your highlights, celebrate the great learnings and prioritise what you’d like to achieve, for the remaining 6 months.

You many remember the blog post we shared in January where we challenged you to identify, “What skill or talent do I need to master this year to improve my professional output and make myself indispensable?”.

How would you rate your progress so far?  What’s standing in your way? What specifically can you do to kickstart action and maintain your progress?

Take Your Time Out

Call a time out today and reflect on the last 6 months. Not only does this build your confidence, recognise your successes and acknowledge your efforts but it refocuses what’s important to you.  It channels your energy, focus, and effort at a time where we may be on autopilot. It doesn’t have to be January when you set new goals or decide on a behaviour change.


What are your greatest achievements in the first half of the year?

If you could change one thing about the last 6 months what would it be? 

Imagine it is December 2017 & you achieved all of your goals, what do you need to do to make that happen?

What’s the first most important thing you need to do this week to make that a reality?

In order to support yourself towards achieving everything you’ve outlined, why not set a reminder now in your phone or calendar and  check in within 6 weeks. Just like a high performing sports team, use half time to recharge, refocus and identify exactly what you need to execute to perform and achieve everything you want for 2017.